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Filter Strainers

High Quality Industrial Strainers and Filters

As experienced consultants and manufacturers, we supply high-quality industrial strainers and filters. These are particularly suitable for treating waste water, well water, river water and process water, but also for many other process conditions and applications in industry.

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High Quality Water Strainers

We advise, produce and supply the highest quality stainless steel strainers and filters for the industry. These are produced in stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316, Duplex and Super Duplex material.

These strainers are ideal for treating various types of water, such as wastewater, spring water, river water and process water, but they are also suitable for many other industries and applications.

Models of Strainers

We produce and supply three different models of industrial stainless steel strainers, depending on the situation: Y-Strainer, L-Strainer, O-Strainer. The Y-shape is the most common and suitable for various applications in both horizontal and vertical pipes.

If the sieve of the stainless steel strainer becomes contaminated, the contamination can be drained via a valve or drain. This can also be automated with a timed valve.

Operation of Strainers and Filters

The filter screen is available from 25 to 2,000 microns, but larger deviations are also possible. The screen of the strainers and filters can be supplied with a double layer of stainless steel & Nylon cloth, but can also consist entirely of stainless steel.

If the filter tissue Nylon stretched filter cloth is used around a stainless steel support core, it is quite easy and relatively cheap to change micronage. With the complete strainer, the entire screen can be replaced.

In addition, it is possible to use a wedgewire filter sieve for more heavily contaminated and/or viscous liquids. A wedge wire filter screen is also called a Trislot filter.

Production & Stock

In addition to our production, we also have a large stock in our warehouse, which means that we can often deliver the next day. All our industrial strainers and filters are tested and inspected per production batch for accuracy and quality.

Contact & Advice

For personal advice and tailor-made solutions, you can always contact us for a no-obligation quote. Our team of filter specialists is available 24/7. With more than 30 years of experience in liquid filtration, we are committed to supporting our customers and providing solutions.