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Self Cleaning Filters

Automatic Filter Systems for Industry

We advise, produce and supply automatic filter systems that are specially designed for industrial applications. These self-cleaning liquid filters can be made in stainless steel 304, 316 & Duplex material.

Different Technologies

Our filter package includes various technologies to meet your specific needs. This includes:

  • Suction pad scanner technology
  • Spray nozzle technology
  • Brush technology
  • Hybrid technology filter systems

These high-performance automatic filters can be placed inline or in by-pass in your process.

More Information

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Automatic Filter Systems

We offer fully automatic filter systems, made in stainless steel 304 & 316. These can be placed inline or in by-pass in your process. The biggest advantage of these systems is their automation: the filter cleans itself thanks to an internal mechanism when it becomes contaminated. This saves time because operators do not have to continuously check the filter for delta P and contamination.

Types of Filter Systems

We produce four different versions:

  • Suction Pad Scanner system
  • Spray nozzle system
  • Brush system
  • Hybrid (brush/spray nozzle)

Moreover, we have a suitable shape for every type of automatic filter: Y-Shape, O-Shape and L-Shape. This allows us to select the correct self-cleaning fluid filter for your needs.

Operation of the Filter Systems

Suction Pad System

The suction pad system works based on pressure difference and/or time interval. As soon as the filter screen becomes dirty, the rinse cycle is activated. During this process, the drain and suction nozzles on the inside of the filter screen open to clean it. After 10-20 seconds the filter screen is clean and the filter unit returns to normal production mode.

Spray Nozzle System

The spray nozzle system also works on delta P and time, but the screen filter is cleaned with clean water and/or permeate. During the cleaning phase there is an interruption of the flux on the clean water side.

Brush System

The brush system uses the same principle of delta P and time flushing, but the screen is cleaned by rotating brushes. Here too there is an interruption of the flux on the clean water side during the rinse cycle, except for micronages above 200 microns.

Hybrid System

The hybrid filter system combines brushes and spray nozzles and is the latest development in the field of filtration.

Filter screens

Our automatic filters are supplied as standard with removable filter screens with a diamond-shaped covering of PES or AISI filter mesh. In some cases, a more robust wedgewire filter screen may be required, which releases dirt more easily during the rinse cycle.


Depending on your application, amount and type of contamination, capacity and throughput, we can offer you the right automatic backwash filter. These filters are often used in the food & beverage industry, chemical industry, offshore industry, paper industry, agricultural industry and water purification.

Production & Stock

We also keep a large quantity of filters in stock in our warehouse for fast delivery. Each product is tested and inspected per production batch for accuracy and quality.