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Custom Made Stainless Steel Filter Basket Offshore Industry

In April 2020, JMF-Filters B.V. successfully manufactured seven double-walled filter baskets at our in-house facility, effectively doubling liquid flow capacity and extending tool life. Faced with a unique challenge at a customer site in the oil processing/offshore industry, where existing basket filter housings with 250-micron mesh-lined filter baskets were operating optimally, a surge in capacity necessitated additional filter baskets. Adding extra bag filter housings was not a viable solution due to space constraints.

During a site visit to the relevant platform, we proposed a practical solution – the implementation of double-walled baskets. This innovation meant that only the basket needed replacement, allowing for a seamless enhancement in capacity. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel 316 and equipped with a 250-micron mesh covering, the double-walled basket concept facilitated a remarkable 30% increase in capacity. Subsequent follow-up discussions (after sales) have affirmed the success of this approach.

JMF-Filters B.V. specializes in the production and supply of a diverse range of stainless steel Basket Filters, available in various lengths and configurations, including single filter units and multi-basket filter housings. Our extensive inventory in Purmerend ensures swift delivery. These filter housings, constructed from stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316, and stainless steel 316ti, are suitable for treating wastewater, well water, river water, and process water containing suspended solids.

Designed to meet the stringent demands of various industries, including petrochemical and offshore applications, our Filter Systems are employed in scenarios such as intake water, utility water, pipeline flushing, cooling water, waste water treatment, injection water filtration, pre-filtration for reverse osmosis, and ballast water treatment.

At JMF-Filters B.V., we offer Custom Made units, tailoring our solutions to meet specific customer requirements. This flexibility extends to the incorporation of diverse filter mesh types and sizes on and in sieve baskets, as exemplified in the aforementioned project. For personalized filtration solutions and no-obligation Custom Made quotes, our team of filtration specialists is available 24/7. With over 30 years of expertise in liquid filtration, we are committed to providing unburdened and solution-oriented services. Make the right choice – purchase your filter basket at JMF-Filters B.V.