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Filter Cartridges

At JMF Filters B.V. we supply high-quality filter candles to a wide range of sectors, including wholesale, industry, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, wastewater processing, drinking water companies, food & beverages, offshore and shipping. Our filters are available in both nominal and absolute filter grades, tailored to your specific filtration needs. We are ready to advise you and provide a solution for your filtration issues.

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General information about Filter Cartridges

At JMF-Filters B.V., we specialize in consulting, manufacturing and supplying high-quality filter candles for various market segments, including wholesale, industrial, chemical, pharmaceutical, wastewater treatment, drinking water companies, food & beverages, offshore and marine. Our filter candles, available in both nominal and absolute filter grades, range in lengths from 5” to 60”, with custom lengths also available. We offer competitive pricing and fast delivery from stock.

Types of Filter Cartridges

We supply a wide range of filter candles and cartridge filters, including meltblown, wrapped, pleated, membrane, high flow, activated carbon, wash out, disc and stainless steel filters. Regardless of your microfiltration needs, we have the right solution for you.

Meltblown Cartridge Filters

Our meltblown filters, also known as depth filters or sediment filters, are made of polypropylene or fiberglass. They are available with or without a hardened inner core, and in both double open end (DOE) and single open end (SOE) versions. These filters come free of adhesive residue and production debris, increasing the efficiency of your filtration process.

Wound Filter Cartridges

Wound filter candles, also known as depth filters or sediment filters, are available with wrappers made of polypropylene, cotton, nylon or fiberglass. The core can be made of hardened polypropylene or stainless steel. These filters are available in DOE or SOE styles, depending on your specific needs.

Plied Filter Candles

We offer two types of pleated filter candles: simple unreinforced pleateds with a lower number of pleats, and more advanced pleateds that can filter down to 0.03 microns. The choice of material for these filters depends on your specific process and fluid requirements, with options including polypropylene, fiberglass, polyethersulfone (PES), PTFE, stainless steel and nylon.

High Flow Filter Candles

One of our specialties at JMF-Filters B.V. is the production and supply of premier high-flow filter candles. These top class filters, characterized by their high quality and precise finishing, are produced in-house and distributed within Europe. They are constantly subjected to strict quality control to ensure the best performance.

Our high-flow filters are available as belt-type and with a reinforced outer core, also called meltblown or pleated. They range in length from 20”, 40” to 60” and offer micronages from 0.1 to 100 microns. In terms of material, you can choose from polypropylene (PP), polyethersulfone (PES) to fiberglass (GF), and the seal/O-ring can be in silicone, EPDM, Viton or Teflon (PTFE). We also offer options for non-standard sizes. Our team of experts is ready to help you select the right high-flow filters to fit your specific filtration needs.

Other Candle Filters

For information on our other products, such as wash-out, stainless steel, activated carbon, disc filter and more, we invite you to visit the relevant subpages on our website. We are ready to advise you on the right choice of material and micronage and help you find the best filtration solution.

Production & Stock

In addition to our production, we have a large inventory of filter candles in our warehouse. Orders placed today are usually delivered the next day. Each product is tested and inspected per production batch for accuracy and quality.

Contact & Advice

Feel free to contact us for advice and a customized solution. Our team of filter specialists is at your service 24/7. We have more than 30 years of experience in liquid filtration. Unburdening and solution-oriented thinking are our top priorities. Choose JMF-Filters B.V. for your filter candles – a choice you will not regret.