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Coarse Filtration Oil Storage & Transfer

Production and Delivery of Custom-Made Basket Filter

In mid-November 2022, we received a request from one of our clients seeking assistance in removing coarse contaminants, such as cloths, branches, and larger rust particles, from crude waste oil. In response, one of our technical advisors promptly visited the customer the same week to assess the situation and consult with the technical service team. Upon returning to the office, our internal sales department generated a quotation for the customer, proposing a bespoke filter solution. The customer’s specifications included a requirement for a substantial filtration surface, and the filter system needed to seamlessly replace the existing piping. The purchase order was received the following week, prompting urgent production at our filter facility. By early January 2023, the customized filter system was successfully installed and is now operational as intended.

Custom-Made Basket Filter / Boulder Catcher / Coarse Filter

The optimal solution involved crafting a custom-designed boulder catcher with a 5mm passage/perforation size to effectively capture coarse pollutants like cloths and gloves. It was crucial that the filter system could be directly integrated into the pipework, minimizing labor for assembly and adjustment of the current piping and ensuring no production time was lost. Additionally, two extra filter baskets were included, facilitating quick and easy exchanges or cleaning during production downtime. This approach allows the polluted basket to be cleaned during a quieter moment after restarting production, resulting in a satisfied customer and a successful project.

Contact & Advice for Coarse Filter Solutions

For personalized filtration solutions, feel free to request a customized quote from us. Reach out to one of our filtration specialists; we are here to assist you. Our team of filter specialists is available 24/7.

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