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Delivery Bag Pleated High Flow Filterelements

In mid-January 2021, we received a request from a valued, repeat customer for bag-pleated high-flow filters. These filter elements, crafted from high-quality Polypropylene, are designed for easy integration into bag filter housings, specifically catering to size 1 and size 2 configurations.

Advantages of Bag Pleated High-Flow Filters

The size 2 filter element offers a notable advantage, replacing the need for 3 standard filter bags or 16 filter cartridges (10”). This translates to a significantly faster and more straightforward replacement process, reducing downtime and the number of required filter housings. The implementation of these filters is a highly efficient solution from both a technical service and operational standpoint.

Operation of Bag Pleated High-Flow Filter Elements

Operating with a liquid flow from the inside to the outside, these filter elements seamlessly combine the performance benefits of filter cartridges and filter bags. In essence, they offer enhanced sustainability and efficiency. Beyond the increased flow rate, these filters boast an extended lifespan, resulting in lower operating costs over time.

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