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Delivery Compressed Air Filter Oil & Gas Industry

In mid-July 2020, we successfully delivered high-performance Ultrafilter P-MF 30/50 compressed air filters to a new customer in the Oil & Gas sector. The initial request came in early May from a prospective client seeking specialized compressed air filters designed to eliminate water and oil from compressed air. Following the submission of our quotation, we engaged with the customer to finalize the filter details and delivery terms. Additional datasheets for the filter element P-MF 30/50 were provided, and a comprehensive discussion on quantities ensued.

The high-performance filters from Ultrafilter employ a filtration principle centered on separating water and oil aerosols from compressed air. The unique combination of ultrafiber filter media and specialized pleated filter technology ensures optimal separation compared to conventional filter cartridges. Noteworthy advantages of this filter’s distinctive structure include a 450% increase in filter surface area and a 70% reduction in energy consumption costs.

After a few weeks of consideration, the customer returned with an official assignment for the compressed air filters. The factory’s delivery time was approximately one week, and upon verification in our warehouse, the customer scheduled a pickup appointment. As part of our commitment to personal service, we often hand-deliver our filters to new customers, providing an opportunity for introductions and discussions. On the same day, we delivered the Ultra filters, fostering a face-to-face interaction where we discussed the current shipment and potential future requests and deliveries from our company to this customer. Anticipating future collaboration, the customer expressed interest in placing additional orders for custom filter advice from our specialists.

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