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Delivery of bag filters Pre-Filtration RO-Plant Offshore

In mid-July 2020, we successfully delivered four bag filter housings for pre-filtration in an RO-Plant to a regular customer in the Offshore Industry. The request for these additional measures came from a trusted customer operating on a drilling platform in the North Sea. The objective was to enhance protection by introducing an extra pre-filtration step for a reverse osmosis unit. The existing cartridge filter housing used for pre-filtration was filling up rapidly with contaminants, necessitating the implementation of an additional filtration layer.

To address this challenge, we proposed bag filters as an ideal solution for pre-filtration, especially considering the presence of salt in the water. The bag filter housings were crafted entirely from Polypropylene to ensure corrosion resistance. Four filter vessels were provided, connected in parallel to accommodate the substantial volume flow. The filter bag houses were offered in length 2, allowing each filter house to house a filter bag with a surface area of half a square meter. The filter bags, constructed from full polypropylene and featuring a micronage of 10 microns, effectively addressed the filtration requirements.

Upon quotation approval, we swiftly received the order and managed to deliver the complete set of filters within four days. The delivery took place at the port of IJmuiden, facilitating quick and efficient transportation to the drilling platform later that day. As for the disposable filter bags, a stock of 100 pieces was delivered, expected to last at least six months based on current consumption. In case of additional requirements, our responsive delivery mechanism ensures prompt service to meet urgent filtration needs.

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