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Delivery Sea water Filtersystem

In early July 2020, we successfully delivered two multi-cartridge filter housings constructed entirely from Polypropylene. This delivery was in response to a request from a valued customer seeking to filter seawater before its utilization in a reverse osmosis system. We proposed a comprehensive solution involving Polypropylene Filter Houses equipped with corresponding Polypropylene Filter Cartridges. This filtration system functions as both a pre-filter and micro-filter, effectively removing coarser sediment, such as sand and shells, from the seawater—ultimately serving as a protective pre-filter for the RO system.

Given the customer’s unfavorable experiences with stainless steel and inadequacies observed in coated carbon steel when used with seawater, our decision to employ fully plastic filter housings was deliberate. The selected filter system can effortlessly withstand a pressure of 10 Bar, demonstrating its comparable resilience to stainless steel or carbon steel counterparts. For the filter cartridges, 25-micron cartridges were chosen for the first housing, while 3-micron cartridges were installed in the second housing. These two filter housings were strategically arranged in series to optimize collection and filtration efficiency.

The connection between both filter housings is facilitated by DN50 flanges of PN10 class. The user-friendly design of the lid or head plate allows easy manual opening and closing through swivels. EPDM was chosen as the O-Ring material, ensuring sufficient compatibility with seawater.

Upon submitting the quotation, complete with datasheets and manuals, we promptly received and processed the order. Following the purchase order, our order confirmation, along with the final drawing and/or Stepfile, was provided for customer approval. Once approval was granted, preparations were made for a swift delivery. The two multi-cartridge filter housings and accompanying filter cartridges were personally delivered by one of our filter specialists, who offered on-site explanations and guidance. The entire process, from the initial request to the final delivery, was completed within a five-day timeframe.

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