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Filtration Latex Emulsion

Towards the close of 2020, one of our longstanding international clients reached out, inquiring about the possibility of procuring a robust stainless steel filter unit designed specifically for filtering Latex. A site visit was promptly arranged the following week to assess the practical context and discuss the client’s specifications. Their requirement was for a basket filter housing with customized dimensions and diverse filter baskets featuring orifices. We swiftly issued a comprehensive quotation within a week, and the assignment was confirmed in the subsequent week.

Production & Delivery of Custom-Made Latex Filter

Crafted from robust stainless steel 316 with an augmented collection capacity, the filter housing was tailored to the client’s specifications, ensuring a seamless exchange in their facility. Given the substantial material weight, including the lid, we implemented a secure lift system for operational safety. The hydraulic jack facilitates lid elevation, while a swivel arm enables its rotation. Folding bolts secure the lid, offering easy manual opening and closing. The basket is equipped with a crossbar and a lifting eye in the center, facilitating the use of a hoist to elevate the Latex-contaminated basket. The lifting eye ensures a straight vertical lift without any deviation. The Latex Filter incorporates a basket with a 4 mm perforation, accompanied by an additional basket for efficient changeovers, allowing time for cleaning the soiled basket.

Contact & Advice for Latex Filtration

For a bespoke filtration solution, feel free to request a personalized and obligation-free quote. Reach out to one of our filtration specialists; we are here to assist you. Our team of filter specialists is available around the clock.

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