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Hydraulic oil filtration on iron particles

In early July 2020, we successfully delivered a bag filter housing equipped with 1-micron filter bags and three magnets rated at 7,000 Gauss. This urgent delivery was prompted by an issue faced by one of our regular customers, who encountered severe damage to the bearings in a press, resulting in the pulverization of bearing balls. These fine particles had contaminated the hydraulic oil, necessitating the immediate removal of the entire press from the process. The consequent production halt incurred significant financial losses.

Upon receiving the report of the problem, a filtration specialist from JMF-Filters B.V. promptly visited the site within an hour. This initial assessment involved consultation with the production manager, technical service, and management to understand the situation and determine the appropriate course of action.

It was orally agreed to implement a bag filter with a 1-micron filtration level to capture solid particles in the filter bag. Additionally, three heavy magnets, each rated at 7,000 Gauss, were proposed to capture even smaller and dissolved steel or iron particles.

Following the on-site evaluation, we swiftly prepared a detailed quotation outlining the discussed filtration solution and filter application. The urgency of the situation prompted the production manager to immediately approve the quotation, as the filtration process needed to commence by Friday morning.

Although magnets of this specification were not readily available in our stock, quick coordination with our regular manufacturer in Germany ensured that the required magnets were in stock. To expedite the process, we decided to personally collect the magnets from central Germany to avoid potential delays with a courier service.

The entire operation involved a late Wednesday afternoon assessment, rapid quotation submission, urgent sourcing and collection of magnets from Germany on Thursday, and successful implementation of the filtration solution on Friday morning. This allowed the factory with the damaged bearing to initiate the filtration process, cleaning the oil over several days. By Monday, the system achieved the required cleanliness, enabling the resumption of the manufacturing process.

This efficient and prompt action resulted in a satisfied customer of JMF-Filters B.V. For customized filtration solutions and a no-obligation quote, please reach out to our dedicated team of filtration specialists, available 24/7. With over 30 years of expertise in liquid filtration, JMF-Filters B.V. stands for unburdening and solution-oriented service. Make the wise choice – purchase your filters at JMF-Filters B.V., a reliable and optimal solution.