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Marine Filters

We specialize in advising, producing, and supplying a diverse range of filtration systems tailored for the oil & gas industry, fuel storage, tank terminals, fuel filling lines, and associated sectors dealing with fossil fuels and energy.

Our marine filters are designed to address the filtration needs of wastewater, process water, oil and gas, osmosis water, and various other filtration applications on ships, oil rigs, platforms, and storage facilities. Widely utilized in the petrochemical and offshore industry, these marine filters serve purposes such as Intake water, Utility water, Pipeline flushing, Cooling water, Waste water treatment, Injection water, Pre-filtration for RO, and Ballast water filtration.

We take pride in offering expert advice to help you make the right choice for marine filters in oil and gas filtration.

Production & stock 

Complementing our production capabilities for marine filter systems, we maintain a substantial inventory in our warehouse. Rigorous testing and inspection procedures are applied to each production batch to ensure precision and quality.

Contact & Advice

For personalized advice and tailored solutions, please reach out to us directly for a quotation. Our team of filter specialists is available 24/7 to assist you.

With over 30 years of specialization in liquid filtration, we are committed to providing unburdened and solution-oriented services. Make a wise decision – purchase your filters from JMF-Filters B.V.