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Production & Delivery Start-up Filter/Witches Hat Filter

In late June 2020, we completed the production and delivery of two startup filters designed for deployment in a factory specializing in the production of plastic bottles and related items. This particular inquiry originated from a filtration request submitted through our website. We promptly visited the new lead to assess and discuss the practical aspects of the situation.

The factory’s production process involves molding plastic articles using Polypropylene. Small PP granules are poured into molds to create the final product. The challenge arose during the supply of these granules to the casting molds, where some particles fell back down the riser pipe after the delivery truck emptied its contents. These stray granules posed a threat to the drying and circulation system, necessitating a reliable filtration solution—enter the filtration specialists at JMF-Filters B.V.

After careful consideration of the appropriate filter type, we decided on a witches’ hat filter designed to fit into the riser. This solution, though simple and cost-effective, proved highly efficient. The filter passage or perforation was set at 1.5 mm, ensuring effective filtration of the approximately 2 mm PP granules. To prevent corrosion, we crafted the filters from stainless steel 316.

Following in-house production, we seamlessly installed the startup filters into the riser pipes of both silos. Placing the witches’ hat filters between two milk couplings eliminated the need for extensive modifications to the existing pipework at the factory. The design ensured that the flange ring, with a 2 mm thickness, fit precisely into the hollow of the milk couplings. The conically tapered part of the filter aligned perfectly within the pipework/hose. Additionally, a welded rod in the heart of the flange served as a handle for quick and easy exchanges.

Upon completion of the installation and practical tests, the filter project was successfully executed. Another commendable filtration project realized by JMF-Filters BV, resulting in a satisfied customer.

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