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Delivery Coalescer Filters Oil & Gas Industry

In mid-July 2020, we successfully delivered 16 coalescer filters to the oil & gas industry, designed for a separation method based on coalescing. This delivery was in response to a request received in mid-June from a regular customer in the offshore industry, seeking specialized filter elements based on coalescing.

Coalescer cartridges are highly effective in the separation technique of coalescence, primarily utilized to separate emulsions into their individual components through various processes. This technique works in reverse on an emulsifier, filtering submicron particles (from 0.3 microns) from a volume flow. It facilitates the combination of submicron particles into concentrated droplets, creating a clear separation between pollution and volume flow. Coalescers leverage differences in physical and chemical properties between the liquid and contamination. In this application, the focus is on bringing together oil mist for filtration using this coalescing method, also referred to as a filtration technique, with absolute filtration from 0.3 microns.

Following approval of our custom-made quotation, we received the order for delivery. Given the considerable size of the coalescing cartridges (approximately 1 meter in height and 21 centimeters in diameter), we opted to pack them securely in a wooden crate for efficient and safe transportation, especially for offshore use.

Production was completed in mid-July, and the coalescer elements were prepared for shipment. Due to unexpected urgency, we collaborated with the customer to expedite the delivery via air freight. Schiphol Express facilitated the swift and secure transport of the coalescing cartridges to Schiphol. Within three days, the crate arrived at the end customer’s location, ready for immediate use. This once again resulted in a satisfied customer, as we provided the right filtration solution promptly.

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