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Self-Cleaning Filter System Cheese Factory

Installation of a fully automatic self-cleaning filter system with a bag filter housing took place in early 2019. In the autumn of 2018, an installer approached us with a request to safeguard their membranes from contamination in the process water supplied to one of their clients. The ultra filters were closing prematurely, leading to frequent rinse cycles and membrane replacements. After assessing the on-site situation, we presented a proposal featuring the installation of a fully automatic machine and a bag filter as an effective filtration solution. Swiftly securing the order, we delivered the system, which was installed in February 2019 at the cheese factory location by the installer. The fully automatic machine autonomously eliminates solid particles from the water at 25 microns, and by introducing a 5-micron filter bag as a secondary step, the issues were promptly resolved. Sanitary filter housings with the highest finish standards were utilized, ensuring compliance with hygiene regulations crucial in the food industry. Another satisfied customer for JMF-Filters BV.

JMF-Filters B.V. manufactures and supplies automatic self-cleaning filters in stainless steel 304 and stainless steel 316. Our range of self-cleaning screen filters includes manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic systems that seamlessly integrate into your process. The key advantage of self-cleaning filters lies in their automation; the filter self-cleans through an internal mechanism as soon as contamination is detected, saving time and enhancing safety. We offer three versions for fully automatic screen filters: Suction Pad Scanner system, Spray nozzles system, and Brush system. Depending on the application, capacity, and throughput, we provide the right automatic backwash filter. These filters find applications in the food and beverage industry, chemical industry, offshore industry, paper industry, agricultural industry, and water purification. Commonly used for treating process water, cooling water, wastewater, industrial wastewater, irrigation water, and pre-filtration.

JMF-Filters B.V. manufactures and supplies stainless steel filter housings in various lengths with varying quantities of filter baskets. Both low and high-pressure vessels are readily available. The filter housings are constructed from stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316, and stainless steel 316ti. Our Filter Systems are suitable for treating wastewater, well water, river water, and process water containing suspended solids. These stainless steel filter systems are extensively used in the petrochemical and offshore industry (Oil & Gas Industry), covering applications like intake water, utility water, pipeline flushing, cooling water, wastewater, injection water, pre-filtration to RO, and ballast water. Available as multibasket or single-basket filter housings, with filter bag lengths for Basket filter housings: size 1 and 2.

For personalized filtration solutions and a no-obligation Custom Made quotation, please contact one of our filtration specialists. We are here to assist you, and our team of filter specialists is available 24/7. With over 30 years of expertise in liquid filtration, we are dedicated to providing unburdened and solution-oriented services. Trust JMF-Filters B.V. for your filtration needs – a well-considered choice.